Turkish is the official language of Turkey and Cyprus. It’s spoken by 88 million native people. Turkish people are known for their loyalty to their native language and seldom use other language for communication. Hence, if you want to communicate with your Turkish audience, there is no other means except for translating and localizing into the Turkish language which enables you to embark in the Turkish market.

The Turkish language involves quite a lot of complicated grammatical rules. For example, verbs come at the end of the sentence unlike English. That is why Turkish Translation needs to carried out effectively and efficiently.

At Pyramids Translation, we have what it takes to handle your Turkish translation projects from A to Z. Our resources are native and qualified speakers of Turkish with more than 9 years of experience in different fields such as legal, finance, medical, manufacturing, marketing, and information technology. With the use of latest technologies, QA and CAT Tools, we could deliver your Turkish translation projects with precise quality and within time frame.

Interesting Fact: In 1928, as one of Atatürk’s Reforms in the early years of the Republic of Turkey, the Ottoman Turkish alphabet was replaced with a Latin alphabet.